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7 best cat breeds for kids


Owning a cat is a good way to teach social skills to your children, such as responsibility, respect and patience. Cats are a perfect first pet because they require little maintenance and are easy to care for. Like dogs, some cat breeds are more suited to a turbulent and lively family home. This section will list some of the friendliest and most family friendly cat breeds. Even if the following breeds are better suited for living with energetic children, it is essential to teach them that you must respect your cat and always be gentle. This will ensure that your cat and your children weave a harmonious relationship from which everyone will benefit.

What are the best breeds for children?

# 1 - 

A little girl holding her beautiful Abyssinian cat
A little girl holding her magnificent Abyssinian

Abyssinians are loyal and affectionate cats, and among the most playful there are. Very active and curious, they can be the perfect companion for your children. This breed always has something to take care of and loves height. Their athletic explorations will keep you entertained. Abyssinians are intelligent, and with training you could even teach them a trick or two!

#2 - Burmese

A Burmese Cat sitting on a fence
A burmese cat sitting on a palisade

Burmese cats make wonderful friends for children. Known for their playful side and their cuddly nature, your family will never tire of their mischief. Burmeses can also bring you objects, much like dogs. A busy house does not scare them. In reality, they will love a very active lifestyle, with lots of love and attention from the children.

# 3 - Maine Coon

A child friendly Maine Coon cat
The main coon adores children

The main coon is a loving and very affectionate cat who can easily adapt to a very busy family. Tender by nature, they can be very playful which makes them a very complete breed of cat.

#4 - Manx

A child friendly tabby manx cat
A tabby manx who appreciates children

Manx are known to have no tail. This is one of the reasons that make it a suitable breed for children: no tail means that children will not be tempted to pull it! Manx are funny cats who, like burmeses, can enjoy playing with the ball. They also like height, so don't be surprised to find your manx watching you from the top of a door!

# 5 - Ragdoll

A grey and white Ragdoll Cat thats good with children
A soft gray and white ragdoll with children

This breed owes its name to its flexibility. These cats are known to be very flexible and soft, like rag dolls, when you take them in their arms. Very relaxed, they are loving cats who, thanks to a relaxed temperament, are very comfortable with children.

# 6 - Siamese

A child friendly Siamese Cat
A very friendly Siamese

These cats are also very playful, gentle by nature and rather sociable. They will give hours of fun to your children, because they love to play and put themselves in wacky situations during their many explorations.

# 7 - Persian

A three coloured Persian kitten that loves playing with children
A three-colored Persian kitten

These cats are extremely popular, not only for their cute and unique faces, but also because they are very calm and playful. They love the company of humans, and are known to be patient with rowdy children.

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