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7 most intelligent cat breeds


The intelligence of cats is not measured by their speed to read a book, but by their ability to train, their way of interacting with other animals, and their adaptability to new environments. Below is our ranking of the 7 most intelligent cat breeds.
If you want to discover more intelligent cat breeds, use our cat breed directory . You can filter each pedigree and use our 5-star rating system to choose the smartest.

# 1 - Abyssinian

An adult Abyssinian cat lying down looking out of the window
An Abyssinian adult resting by the window

Abyssinian cats have great self-confidence, and have a certain air of superiority. They are considered intelligent for their taste for interacting with their owners and for appearing the happiest when mentally stimulated.

# 2 - Siamese

A Siamese Cat lying down having a deserved rest
A Siamese who takes a well-deserved nap

Siamese are perhaps the most intelligent of all. Their very curious nature always leads them into unexpected situations, they love to stuff their truffles in every corner of a house. This breed will no doubt react better than the others to training, and many Siamese owners claim that their cat can do sleight of hand.

#3 - Bengal

A very clever and sociable Bengal Cat
A very sociable and cunning bengal

These sociable cats love human interaction, which can be a sign of intelligence. They “talk” to us with their soft meows. They love to jump and climb while exploring their surroundings. Many bengal owners say their cat loves water and has learned to bring the ball back.

# 4 - Burmese

An intelegent black Burmese cat who loves human interaction
A smart black burmese who loves interaction with humans

Burmeses are sometimes described as having a dog personality, with a love for human interaction and a developed intelligence. They are very sociable cats who are happiest when they are by your side and you give them your full attention. They interact well with dogs and children, which again shows some intelligence.

# 5 - Cornish Rex

A clever and inquisitive Cornish Rex
A smart and curious Cornish rex

The Cornish rex is an intelligent and curious cat who will want to explore every corner of a house, if you allow it. They love to play and interact with humans, so be prepared for a cat that will always demand your attention.

#6 - Savannah

A highly active and intelligent Savannah Cat
A savannah, active both outside and inside

Savannah cats are very active and many keep a wild side. This makes them very intelligent, they also require a lot of play sessionsand / or long walks on a leash, in order to satisfy their mental stimulation.

#7 - Scottish Fold

A Scottish Fold Cat who thrives off attention
A Scottish Fold who demands attention

The Scottish Fold loves toys that test his mental abilities, such as puzzle games. They love to interact with their masters and receive their attention. This breed of cat will require a play session or two when you get home from work in order to get rid of everyday boredom.

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