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7 smallest cat breeds


We are all fond of a cute little kitten, and many of us would dream that they will always remain as small. Fortunately, some breeds have cats that stay small even after reaching their maximum size. Take a look at this list to discover our 7 smallest fiery temperament cat breeds.

# 1 - Singapore

A Singapura Cat with beautiful green eyes lying down
A Singapura with magnificent green eyes

The singapura wins the competition for the smallest cat, and some cats of this breed do not weigh more than 2 kg. They have a very small bone structure and are incredibly agile, always ready to make mistakes.

#2 - Munchkin

A beautiful white Munchkin Cat with incredibly short legs
A beautiful white munchkin and its little legs

Munchkins owe their small size to a genetic mutation that makes their legs shorter than normal. Their body is medium in size but the height of their shoulders is much lower, making it one of the smallest cat breeds. The agility of the munchkins is incredible, and even if they don't jump very well, they are very fast on the ground.

# 3 - Cornish Rex

A wonderful young Cornish Rex cat creeping in the bushes
A young Cornish rex lying in wait in the bushes

Cornish rexes are among the smallest breeds and are best known for their unusual coat. They have a fluffy coat that normally covers the bottom layer of a cat's coat, which makes them extremely soft to the touch and gives them hypoallergenic properties.

#4 - Devon Rex

A Devon Rex cat showing off its wonderful pointed ear tips
A Devon Rex who proudly exposes his pointy ears

Like the Cornish rex, the coat of Devon rex is made of down, so it is very soft. Another trait that the two breeds share is their small size, which is why they both appear in our list of the smallest cats.

#5 - American Curl

An American Curl cat with incredible back curled ears and green eyes
An American curl with curved ears and green eyes

American curls are smaller than average but are very recognizable thanks to their ears curved towards the skull (unlike the Scottish Folds which have their ears curved forward). They tend to weigh less than 5 kg, but individuals can vary widely due to their very diverse genetic background.

# 6 - Siamese

A lovely siamese cat with beautiful blue eyes
A magnificent Siamese with green eyes

Siamese have quite long bodies but they are listed for their featherweight. These cats do not generally weigh more than 5 kg and have an athletic and agile build.

# 7 - Balinese

A Balinese cat with an incredible black and white long coat
A black and white long haired Balinese

Balinese people share many common traits with Siamese, which is why it is not surprising to learn that Balinese is a sort of long-haired Siamese. It is therefore logical that a Balinese rarely weighs more than 5 kg and has a silhouette similar to the Siamese (when we can distinguish it under all this fur!).

Bonus - Chat dwelf

The rather unusual looking dwelf cat
An unusual looking dwelf

Even if it is not yet recognized as a race in its own right, the dwelf still deserves to be mentioned. This beautiful-looking cat combines the unique traits of three different breeds, which make it look like an alien. The short legs of the munchkin, the upturned ears of the American curl and the naked body of the Sphynx give a little dwarf / elf cat (dwarf / elf in English): the dwelf.

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